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jQuery Vulnerabilities and Fixes

Deepak May 28, 2024

A JavaScript library jQuery is used for interacting with web pages by manipulating the DOM, event handling, animation, Ajax, HTML document traversal, and more. it is widely used for many web applications.

jQuery Library was targeted by malicious activity over time due to a glitch, flaw, or weakness discovered in different versions of jQuery that jQuery package designers may not have anticipated.

jQuery Vulnerabilities and Fixes

Some of the major vulnerabilities found in JQuery packages included XSS, remote code execution, and security loopholes.

To Disallow an attacker to perform unauthorized actions it is recommended to upgrade the JQuery version from time to time to the most stable and latest version. Updating to the latest version will help to mitigate the risk.

We are going to see various jQuery vulnerabilities Over time found in jQuery versions in this article and see how we may address that.

What were jQuery 1.10.2 vulnerabilities and fixes?

Older jquery versions (<3.4.0) such as 1.10.2 handle jQuery.extend(true, {}, ...) incorrectly. This version was vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS). In such vulnerabilities, unsanitized source objects contained an enumerable proto property, which was CVSS3 Scores. A patched fix was applied on the upgraded version 3.4.0.

What were jQuery 2.2.4 vulnerabilities and fixes?

jQuery version 2.2.4 was vulnerable to Object prototype pollution. Due to these vulnerabilities attackers can add or modify the prototype of Objects. It was vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS).

More details can found CVE-2019-11358 Page.

Fixed was applied to the upper version ( > 3.4.0 )

What were Jquery 3.0.0-rc1 vulnerabilities and fixes?

jQuery 3.0.0-rc1 version was vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS). This vulnerability caused exceeding the stack call limit.

The fix was applied to the later version. It is advised to Upgrade jQuery from version 3.0.0 or higher to have a fix.

Note: For Detailed explanations, you can check jQuery vulnerabilities List

How to check if we are using vulnerable versions of packages?

One way to check whether your used package is vulnerable or not is by using a vulnerability scanner. Sometimes it might be a false positive result but this can be given a try.

You can also refer to the CVE database if there is any vulnerability reported with details.

How to fix jQuery vulnerabilities?

Keep updating & upgrading packages to mitigate the risk. XSS is exploited by injecting malicious code.

The latest version of packages mostly applied patched fixes found in the previous version. Also, we can use the vulnerability scanner tool to check if any glitch or security glitch exists in the current version. Snyk is one of the tools you may use.

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