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Multiples of a Number in python

QuizCure Member Mar 19, 2023

Multiple of any given number can be determined by following basic rules.

Suppose we need to extract a multiple of a given number x and require to find n multiples for x.

Here is a list of n multiples for a given number x

X*1, X*2, x*3 .. X*n


X = 6
N = 5

Multiples : 6, 12, 18, 24, 30

We will strongly recommend you to first try to write a program to generate multiples as explained above.

Now we will explore how to generate multiples of a number in python. Let's start to learn in the following step-by-step manner.

Find multiples of a number using range function and for loop

Let's understand with the following example of printing multiples of 3 using the range.

def getMultiples(num, number_of_multiples):
	for i in range(1, (number_of_multiples+1)):

getMultiples(3, 5);


  • Here the range function is constructed with the start value as 1 (inclusive) and stop value as number_of_multiples+1 (exclusive) so that the for loop can iterate from 1 to number_of_multiples times.
  • Executing a for loop over a range of specified values
  • Multiply loop index by num and print to get desired multiples as shown above.

Check if the number is multiple of m in python

To ensure whether a given number is multiple of m we need to check if that number is divisible by m or not.

So for this purpose, we will check the use of the Python modulo operator (%) to calculate the remainder of a division. We can mark m as multiple of a given number If the remainder is zero.

Below example to check if a given number is a multiple of 5 in Python

def isMultiple(num,  check_with):
	return num % check_with == 0;

# Check if number is multiple of 3
if (isMultiple(10, 3) == True ):
    print("10 is multiple of 3");
    print("10 is not multiple of 3");

# Check if number is multiple of 5
if (isMultiple(15, 5) == True ):
    print("15 is multiple of 5");
    print("15 is not multiple of ");
10 is not multiple of 3
15 is multiple of 5

Here is what the above code means:

Condition num % check_with == 0 return True if num is divisible by check_with that means remainder is zero otherwise will return False.

Find multiple of any given number in the list & range of numbers

Here is the code demonstrates to find multiples of 3 in list and range as below:

def isMultiple(num,  check_with):
	return num % check_with == 0;

print ("Multiples of 3 in the range are :")
for i in range(1, 10):
	if (isMultiple(i, 3) == True ):

print ("Multiples of 3 in the  list are :")
nums = [50, 11, 32, 23, 18, 91, 90, 12]

for j in nums:
	if (isMultiple(j, 3) == True ):
Multiples of 3 in the range are :
Multiples of 3 in the list are :

Code Explanation:

  • Created function isMultiple as described in the previous example.
  • Loop through a range of numbers and pass a range of numbers to isMultiple to check if divisible by 3 or not. Printed if divisible.
  • Loop through list nums and check if divisible by 3 bypassing each list element to isMultiplefunction and print that meets the condition.

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