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Java is a well-known and versatile programming language. The following are some of the most important characteristics of Java languages:

  • Java is an object-oriented programming language. Javais robust: capable of handling execution-time errors.
  • Any machine that has a Java compiler can run Java bytecode. As a result, Java is classified as a portable language.
  • Multi-threaded programs aresupported.
  • Garbage collection

Find below Java MCQ with Answers on

  • Java basics
  • Advanced java concepts
  • Java code problems

Examine your abilities by taking the MCQ test, which is appropriate for both novice and expert programmers. It will not only improve your understanding of Java principles but will also help you answer tough interview questions.

We chose problems and then designed MCQs based oncode, concepts, and advanced java logic.

1. A static method in Java can be overridden. Is it correct or incorrect?

Options are:

2. A final method in Java can be overridden. Is it correct or incorrect?

Options are:

3. Which of the following is a bytecode file extension in Java?

Options are:

4. Where are New objects created?

Options are:

5. Where is a reference of object stored in java?

Options are:

6. What will the outcome of the following numerical comparison done in a loop be?
int[] intArr=new int[] {10,52};

Integer checkWith = 10;

for (int i=0;i<intArr.length;i++) {
    if (intArr[i].equals(checkWith)) {
    } else {

Options are:

7. Which method call will not result in a .class expected error?

Options are:

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