Python MCQ with Answers

Python is a high-level, interpretable programming language. Python is an object-oriented programming language

Python languages have a number of characteristics, including but not limited to:

  • Dynamically Typed Language
  • Interpreted Language
  • Platform-Independent language
  • Graphical user interface Supported Programming language
  • Support Object-Oriented programming

Consider the following multiple-choice questions regarding Python programming, which are appropriate for both beginners and experts:

  • python basics questions
  • Python object-oriented questions
  • Python syntax and code logic questions and more

Take the following Python MCQ with Answers to test your knowledge.

1. What will be the result for the following code?

Options are:

2. What is the output for the following code?
def getEmployee(index):
	employee = {"J" : "John" "p" : "Peter", "A" : "Alex", "C" : "Camren"}
	return employee[index]


Options are:

3. Anonymous functions are created with the help of keyword:

Options are:

4. What is the output for the following code?
add = lambda a, b, c : a + c 
print(add(2, 3, 5))

Options are:

5. What will be the outcome for following for loop using zip function?
for i, j in zip(range(1, 2), range(4, 2, -1)):

Options are:

6. What will be the result for following for loop with three params?
for i, j, k in zip(range(5, 2, -2), range(4, 2, -1),  ['Peter', 'Joe', 'Alex', 'Camren']):
	print(i,j, k)

Options are:

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