Animal Crossword Puzzles

We have designed several different Animal Crossword Puzzles, including animal and their homes, animal and their baby names, Animal sounds,s and more.

The following crossword puzzles are designed to enhance your knowledge of wild animals, pet animals, and farm animals with their specific relations to given clues.

It will be fun while you will solve those puzzles. Also, it's very helpful for teaching purposes. If you are a teacher you can print those puzzles to let students match the relation between clues and the animals.

We hope you enjoy solving our animal crossword puzzles!

Crossword PreviewAnimals and their Homes Crossword Puzzle | Click to Play

Instruction: You have to enter animal names in the crossword puzzle grid that correspond to the names of the animals' homes mentioned in the column Across and Down.

For example, enter bees,  if a hive is given as a hint.

Crossword PreviewAnimal and their Sound Crossword Puzzle | Click to Play

Crossword puzzles are a type of mental workout. It enhances your vocabulary and sharpens brain power.

In this Animal and their Sound Crossword Puzzle, you need to enter the animal name in the corresponding grid boxes by following the helpful clues under the Across and Down column.

For example Dog barks. Therefore, you have to fill in the animal name as "Dog" in the relevant grid bix number.

Have fun to tackle this puzzle with your friends and family.

Crossword PreviewAnimal and their Baby name Crossword Puzzle | Click to Play

In this Animal and their Baby name Crossword Puzzle, the Adult animal name is provided under the Across & Down Clue. You need to enter a corresponding baby animal vocabulary in related grid boxes. It will help to boost vocabulary power. Have fun!

For example: The baby cow is known as a calf. Therefore you need to enter C A L F in the corresponding grids

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