Disney Famous Female Character Crossword Puzzle

Do you know who returned the heart of Te Fiti to its rightful place? Hmm, could be your guess is correct. Try more Disney Female Famous Character Crossword Puzzle. You have given clues as short descriptions of characters under the Across and Down column. You need to identify a Female Famous Character for blank spaces and fill in the corresponding crossword Grid box. Have fun!

Across 3. __ rescued Eric from Ursula (5 letters) 5. __ restored summer to Arendelle (4 letters) , 6. __ returned the heart of Te Fiti to its rightful place (5 letters), 8. __ controlled her own destiny (6 letters)
Down: 1. __ broke the spell on the Beast and his servants (5 letters), 2. __ opened her own restaurant (5 letters), 4. __ escaped from the tower and returned to her family (8 letters), 7. __ helped Elsa to break the curse of eternal winter (4 letters)

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