Disney Female Villains Crossword Puzzle

Do you know the major villain character in Cinderella movie? Hmm, could be your guess is correct. Try here more Disney Female Villains Crossword Puzzle. Given clues including the movie name under the Across and Down column. You need to identify Villains for blank spaces and fill in the corresponding crossword Grid box. Have fun!

Across : 1. Lady __ is the major villain character in Cinderella. 3. ___ is the main antagonist from The Hundred and One Dalmatians 5. Madame ___ is the main antagonist in the animated film, The Rescuers 6. Mother __ from Tangled is Evil Queen.
Down : 2. ___ is an antagonist from Sleeping Beauty. 4. The main antagonist of the animated film The Little Mermaid is ___

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