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Deepak Jun 09, 2024

Encoding is the process of data transformation, used to convert data in a particular format for efficient transmission. The purpose of encoding is to transmit information safely and consumed by systems it flows to.

There are various types of encoding Schemes. Some of them using widely are listed below:

  • URL Encoding
  • Unicode Encoding
  • HTML Encoding
  • Base64 Encoding

What is the difference between Encoding & Encryption?

Encoding is used for data usability. Encoding is required to safely transform data from one format to another format so that data can be consumed by the receiver safely.

Technique used to Encode data is publicly available and so it can easily reversibles.

Encryption : Encryption is used to transmit data in a secure format (Hide true meaning of data) to maintain data confidentiality.

It's a process of encoding data using a secret key. It hides the true meaning of data which is encrypted. Sensitive information should be encrypted so that only authorised parties can read it by using a secret key.

Plain text converted to encrypted format by using a secret key. Encrypted text is known as ciphertext.

Some Encryptions types are :

  • Digital Certificates
  • RSA
  • Blowfish
  • Twofish

What is the difference between Encoding & Hashing?

Hashing is used to ensure data integrity. Hashing converts an arbitrary size of string into fixed-size values.

Ciphertext (Encrypted values) can be read by authorised party with the secret key and get back the original text.

But the hash value can not be reversed. Therefore Hash values are fixed length values for any n size input strings.

Example :

Most applications store passwords in hashed form in the database so that no one can guess a password by reading password values from the database.

When user enter password through any form (Login, access form..), it gets converted using hashing techniques used by applications and compares hash value with stored hash password in database.

Encoding used for data usability as explained above. Encoded data can be reversible. Please check Here for more about Encryption & Encoding

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